Refund policy – NIGAOE PETS

Refund policy

Please note that we do not accept returns for personal reasons.

In case of defective items, we will respond with a refund of the defective item after confirming the defect with a photo attached to the e-mail or LINE message sent within 3 days after arrival.

Due to spam filtering caused by domain restrictions, your email may not reach us properly, so please make sure that you can receive the following

Please make sure that you can receive the following:

Some e-mail services, e-mail software, and anti-virus software may recognize your e-mail as spam and not deliver it correctly.

(especially for users of free e-mail services such as Hotmail).

If this is the case, please check your junk mail folder or check the settings of your service or software.

*Please note that we cannot accept defective products that meet the following conditions.

Products that have been in our warehouse for more than 3 days from the date of arrival

・Used products

・In case the recipient of the order is different from the person who placed the order, except for defective products.

The procedure is as follows

1: Send us the following information by e-mail or LINE message within 3 days of product arrival.

Your name

∙ Home address


Product name and number

Defective part (in case of damage, etc., please describe it with a photograph)

Order number (found in the order confirmation email sent to you)

2: As soon as the email is confirmed, we will guide you through the refund procedure.